Mailroom Support

TSS performs incoming and outgoing mail and facsimile correspondence services and track incoming mail and faxes, regardless of postal or courier provider, using mailroom tracking logs or other Government-approved tracking systems. This allows for individual mail items and faxes to be quickly identified by various forms of metadata and for missing items to be tracked. Our team sorts mail based on urgency, sensitivity, or other case processing classifications and opens, validates, and dates/time stamps all incoming and undeliverable correspondence.

Our mailroom team collects, prepares, and delivers outbound mail through an efficient and accurate system. We ensure the timely pickup of all outgoing mail and provide tracking, expediting, and follow-up on any shipping problems. Bulk mail is properly sorted, folded, enveloped, and posted using Government furnished mail processing equipment. We package all mail for transport in accordance with U.S. Postal Service regulations or commercial shipper requirements. Our team prepares and processes all case actions designated for distribution on the same business day and utilizes a designated Government case management system to track and distribute electronic case actions and correspondence. All outgoing mail and parcels are tracked using Government-approved tracking systems so that any individual item can be quickly identified or an effective search for undelivered and missing items can be conducted.

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