Records and Document Management

Records Management and Administrative Assistance. TSS’ provides Records Management support operations by handling a large volume of files that require central coordination and control. We implement bar coding and other technologies to aid in tracking correspondence. All files are tracked electronically and physical copies are maintained for accountability. We also distribute, track, and assign suspense dates for Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.
We have conducted bulk printing, coordinated the assembly of document packages, and shipped and delivered document packets as needed. We are also skilled at typing and formatting handwritten and spoken communication.

Document Organization. The TSS records management staff is experienced in all types of document filing. We have developed forms, tracking documents, and databases to manage and monitor a variety of information types. We have provided moving and inventory services for large quantities of documents, including assigning inventory tracking labels, maintaining an inventory tracker, and assigning documents to their appropriate repositories.

Scanning. TSS provides large scale scanning and document digitizing to a number of Government customers. We scan, digitize and store permanent and temporary files and provide a web- based interface for authorized users to access and retrieve imaged case documentation 24/7/365.
Our scanning and digitization process is as follows:

  • Transport documents to and from the government’s facility
  • Remove any non-scannable objects (e.g., staples, paperclips)
  • Prepare all documentation for scanning by identifying and separating material according to the government established document types for proper indexing
  • Electronically index images for all documentation and case file information in a timely and accurate manner
  • Manually enter certain information, including application information for duplicate applications and/or application information lacking a case #
  • If required, create database or tracking system for cases lacking case number (i.e. cases tracked by vendor name)
  • Routinely inspect scanned document images to ensure all pages were scanned and all text and images are readable
  • Perform quality control by inspecting scanned document images to ensure all pages were scanned and all text and images are readable

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